What is the Main Goal of Pediatric Dentistry?

What is the Main Goal of Pediatric Dentistry?

January 1, 2023

Pediatric dentists focus exclusively on the care of teeth in teenagers, kids, and babies. They have done additional training beyond dental schools. They have experience in the developmental and emotional needs of kids. Unlike general dentists, they know the different stages of dental development in kids. Therefore, they identify the problematic signs much more quickly than them.

What is Pediatric Dentistry?

Pediatric dentistry is a dentistry that deals with finding and managing oral health in children. Pediatric dental professionals have done two to three years of residency training to become professionals in treating children.

Why Should Children Visit the Dentist?

Preventive care for kids must begin at the earliest. The American Dental Association, the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, and the American Academy of Pediatrics advise kids to book their first visit to the dental clinic at 2 to 3. However, toddlers must have dental visits every six months.

Let us check out why every kid must receive pediatric dental services:

Misalignment and Malocclusion

Malocclusion occurs when the teeth of the lower and upper jaws fail to meet when the person closes the jaws. It creates a lot of discomfort for the patient – injuries to the tongue, speaking difficulty, etc. Pediatric dentists know how to fix malocclusion or misaligned teeth effectively.

Tooth Decay

Kids are more prone to dental caries. It’s because they tend to consume sticky and sugary foods and neglect their oral hygiene. It ultimately exposes their inner pulp to bacteria and causes dental problems like dental abscesses, gingivitis, etc. A kid-friendly dentist in Jackson, MI performs dental health checkups and offers tips for maintaining dental hygiene. It allows kids to achieve healthy teeth for longer.

Teething Issues

When the teeth are delayed in any infant, fixing a consultation with a pediatric expert can help. They know how to ensure good teeth eruption.

What Can Parents Expect from a Pediatric Dentist?

During the initial visit to the pediatric dental office, you can expect the following:

Filling Out the Necessary Paperwork

Once you reach the pediatric dental office, fill out the paperwork for your kid. They will be the dental history, medical history, and previous treatments your kid has gone through.

A Short and Simple Dental Exam 

During the dental exam, the dentist does simple teeth cleaning (including flossing). The dentist will take X-rays of your jaw and teeth to get an in-depth look at the development of your little one. The technician will cover the body with an apron and ask your kid to bite down on a few trays. The procedure is pain-free and allows the professional to get clear images.

After this, the pediatric dentist inspects these X-ray images. The expert will also examine the gums and teeth visually to identify visible cavities or other problems. For this, the dentist will use a dental mirror or other special tools for close examination. The expert might also suggest a comprehensive dental exam that includes essential nutrition information, habit counseling, cleaning, etc.

Sharing the Concerns and Questions

Now, the pediatric dentist will ask the parents to tell them the concerns they might have in their mind. They might be thumb sucking, teething pain, gum and teeth sensitivity, struggle with brushing, etc.

Regular Teeth Cleaning

The next step includes dental cleaning. It removes tartar and plaque accumulation from your kids’ teeth. Usually, you must get a dental cleaning every six months. During this, the pediatric dental expert will use a dental scaler to get rid of the tartar from the teeth’ surface physically.

Then, he/she uses an electric toothbrush and a small amount of paste to clean and polish teeth. After that, the professional will wash and floss the teeth. If the pediatric dentist thinks a fluoride treatment is required, he/she performs it.

Extra Treatments

Depending on other dental issues of your child, pediatric dentists may recommend additional treatments. Sometimes, the expert needs a more complex dental procedure and additional dental appointments. A pediatric dentist may also refer your kid to an orthodontist if he/she spots alignment problems that could need braces.

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