Sometimes, extensive tooth decay or trauma can involve the nerves and blood vessels, or the pulp, within a tooth. A pulp treatment may be necessary to maintain the vitality of these teeth so they are not lost.

What is a Pulpotomy?

Pulpotomy is a procedure in which part of the infected pulp or nerve is removed. The pulp from the roots is left intact, a medicament is placed in the pulp chamber to seal it, and a stainless-steel crown is then placed on the tooth. This pulpotomy procedure is usually performed on a baby tooth but can sometimes be needed for permanent teeth with extensive decay or trauma.

When Does Your Child Need A Pulpotomy?

Some of the signs and symptoms that indicate your child may need a pulpotomy include:

  • Decay extending to the pulp of the tooth
  • No spontaneous pain
  • No swelling or abscess in the area
  • Sensitivity to cold, hot, or sweet things

Pulpotomy is a simple procedure that can save a baby tooth until it is time to fall out. Saving the baby tooth will save space for the permanent tooth to come; it can also prevent crowding and bite problems in the future. Today, talk to us to determine if pulpotomy is suitable for your child.

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