How Long Does It Take To Get Sealants On Teeth?

How Long Does It Take To Get Sealants On Teeth?

July 5, 2022

Getting dental sealants on your teeth is a minor procedure needing under 30 minutes unless you behave like an uncooperative child during their first dental visit. The application of dental sealants is straightforward and does not require any numbing medications when getting them on your molars as a protectant against cavities.

Dental Sealants Explained

Dental sealants appear like a plastic coating on the molars to create a smoother surface. While brushing and flossing are excellent for removing food particles and plaque from most teeth, some, like the molars, are challenging to reach with a toothbrush. Plaque accumulating on the molars deposits toxins on them to penetrate the tooth enamel and create cavities.

Applying dental sealants over the molars helps create a smooth surface ensuring food particles and plaque do not remain trapped or cause unwanted problems.

Who Can Use Dental Sealants?

Dental sealants are routinely applied to children’s molars as a preventive measure against cavities soon after children develop their back teeth at ages six, 12, and 18. Children are recommended sealants because they favor sweet and sugary foods and beverages while remaining negligent with their oral hygiene practices. However, the creators of tooth protection sealants haven’t specified that children should be the sole recipients of this excellent measure to prevent cavities.

Adults of any age can discuss getting dental sealants for their teeth so long as they are not affected by tooth decay or cavities. However, adults might have to pay higher prices for the adhesives, unlike children who get the preventive measure at $ 30-$ 60 per tooth. Insurance companies and discount plans help further reduce sealants’ expenses for children, but the facility might not be available for adults. However, adults with unrestored teeth can undoubtedly consider getting an application of dental sealants over their molars as a safeguard against cavities.

How Are Dental Sealants Applied?

The application of dental sealants is technically sensitive and needs help from experienced dental professionals like the dentists at Jackson pediatric dentistry. In addition, as children are primary recipients of dental sealants, the children’s dentist applying them must remain patient with an uncooperative child even while providing a non-invasive treatment to prevent invasive therapies.

The application of the sealants proceeds in the following manner:

  • The targeted tooth of the child is cleaned and dried with absorbent material.
  • The tooth is isolated to ensure it is not contaminated by saliva to reduce the chances of retention.
  • An etching solution is applied to the surface of each tooth needing the sealant.
  • The targeted molars are rinsed and dried using a high-volume evacuation system to help them remain free from saliva.
  • Finally, the dentist carefully paints the dental sealant over the molar to avoid creating air bubbles.

The dental sealant dries immediately upon application. However, the dentist uses ultraviolet light to cure the adhesive and complete the procedure. Your child can leave the dentist’s chair and continue regular activities soon after getting dental sealants placed on their molars.

How Long Do Dental Sealants Last?

After an application, dental sealants remain on children’s teeth for up to 9 years. Meanwhile, they protect 80 percent of cavities for the first two years while keeping the safety ongoing against 50 percent of holes for another four years.

While remaining on children’s teeth for nearly a decade, pediatric dentists must monitor dental sealants during routine visits because they are prone to chipping and cracking. Fortunately, if the bonds are damaged, they are usually replaced by dentists in a simple application.

Children without dental sealants often complain of lost school time because tooth decay doesn’t allow them to sleep, eat, or indulge in other activities because of pain. In addition, parents of children spend time with pediatric dentists getting their children fillings, root canals, dental crowns, et cetera because they didn’t consider getting dental sealants on their child’s molars.

The lack of knowledge about dental sealants and the myths surrounding the treatment have compelled nearly 43 percent of American children not to have dental sealants on their teeth to become victims of cavities creating permanent damage in their mouths.

Getting dental sealants is a straightforward procedure but doesn’t indicate children can continue neglecting their dental hygiene practices and gorge on sugary and starchy foods. Instead, parents must supervise them on their dental hygiene routine and ensure they have a healthy diet beneficial for their oral and overall health.

Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics of Jackson provides dental sealants as an excellent preventive measure against cavities for children. If your child doesn’t have dental sealants on their molars, kindly schedule an appointment with this practice today to protect your child’s back teeth.